Where the Wild Wolves Wander

A few notes on what has been happening lately...

Because the GM's assistant sucks

Saturday, Waning Crescent

Julian, Evy’s young werewolf mentee, brutally murders her friend Stephan after seeing her in kuruth.

Tuesday, New Moon

Eric asks Luna to research Nicholas Carr, Amelia Terry, and the Sea Wolves. She, in turn, requests a way to plug in Laughing Cat, the wifi card.

Wednesday, New Moon

Helicopter tour for Jason and Sorrel.

Friday, New Moon

Player pack attend the Save the Northern Leopard Frogs meeting. Ed is extremely interested in seeing the group at the “cool kids” meeting the next night.

Saturday, New Moon

Stephan’s funeral.
Player Pack attend the Save the Northern Leopard frogs “cool kids” meeting. The group has been gradually preparing themselves to take on the spirits of the frogs and become Ridden during the occult ritual.
Player Pack fight them off, including Carol, their badass leader. They then set the warehouse on fire.



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