Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Chasing a Car, Lying To Rick, and The Horror In The Swamp

I need a vacation...


Voiceover while the camera slowly zooms out on the Ross Lake Visitor’s Center “Last time on Where The Wild Wolves Wander.”

Close shot of Rick talking to the wolves in his office “The North Park Pack has tracked some sort of cryptid let loose in their territory, but it’s wandered into our area. I need you to take care of it.”

Short shot of a cell phone ringing, then a close shot of Eric’s face as he hears a voice on the phone “I need to tell you something about your mother, Eric. It’s important that you meet me in Seattle right away.” A ground-level view of the back of Eric’s car as it peels out in the gravel parking lot, driving off

Voiceover from Rick as we see a strangely dressed Native American man wearing a blend of far east and cowboy apparel enter the Visitor’s Center “His name is Salmon Thunder. He’s an odd one, but he’s useful around the park. We just can’t let him know we’re werewolves.”

Voiceover from Jason as we see a wide shot of Jason running away from others in the pack in wolf form “I’ll catch up with you guys later, I’ll go ahead and do the waking up for Floating Sleep!” A quick shot of Jason being horribly maimed while in the spirit world

A short close shot of Evy’s face as we hear the news reporting, followed by a view of the television from over her shoulder “And now the latest on a long series of child kidnappings in the area, as yet another victim is claimed…”

Cue title scene with awesome rock song intro: Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Our latest Hijinks

Seeing Brian loaded into a box truck, the partially separated wolves (some in the Hisil, some crossing the physical river) struggles to re-group and join the chase. A sprint to the lawn locus is made by Jason, Eric, and Sorrel, going through the locus as wolves right in front of the Creepy Medicine Man That Probably Smells Funny, while Nymeria and Evy manage to borrow a truck from the power plant. The chase winds up being futile, despite Adzuki offering some assistance.

We reconvene at the Visitor’s Center, with Rick demanding some answers for all the chores we haven’t actually done. Sorrel and Eric try really hard to throw an absent Jason under the bus, only to have him show up and offer Rick an explanation that wasn’t totally lying but kind of was. The meeting is cut short by a phone call with a hysterical Luna who has seen something terrible.

Arriving on the scene with Luna, we discover Braxton severely wounded by a fight with…something terrible. It is soon discovered to be the very cryptid the group was tasked to track down. Sorrel works medical-herbalist wonders with Braxton, and the group helps him down the mountain to the waiting EMTs, and then goes looking for vengeance…

The cryptid is found wallowing in the fetid swampy area nearby, influencing a great deal of snakes in the area and once found, puts up a terrible fight. Most of the pack is severely injured, but Jason manages to tear into the cryptid finally killing it.

And so the werewolves find themselves needing some rest and recovery to lick our wounds…



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