Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Jason's 20 Days Off

Vampire hunting and a new rite

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Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

Jason decides to take his time off and visit his friend and mentor, Det. Radcliffe. It’s a bit of a drive to Idaho, so Jason decides to overnight it. On the way, he finds a hitchhiker and picks him up. The confused young man (“Name is Cu-…llen. Cullen.” – not his real name) is fleeing a town that has had a rash of murders (including the young man’s brother who was discovered anemic and dying in room just across from his at home). Jason drops him off in the next town, meets up with Det. Radcliffe in his rural farmhouse, and get to talking. The next day they are driving to the town the young man was from. A short investigation leads to the obvious clues: a vampire is sucking this town dry. It moved into town and is prowling the outskirts, picking off who it can because the town is too small to attract any real attention. Det. Radcliffe has had encounters with the supernatural before (he witnessed Jason’s first change), but this is a bit much for him.

Jason talks Radcliffe into helping and despite Jason’s injuries, they track down and kill the vampire, coming across his haven (a ramshakle hut in the woods, remote enough to not be easy access) during the day and knocking a tree down into it, then killing the flaming ambulatory corpse that runs screaming from the daylight. His adventure leaves his relationship with Det. Radcliffe a bit odd; the detective knew that Jason was a werewolf but didn’t really know what all that entailed. It’s a lot to take in, and Det. Radcliffe still really admires Jason and killing an obvious evil really brought the two together again, but at the same time he wants a little time alone away from Jason to process all that. Jason returns to the park, heady with a good victory but worried about his relationship with his mentor.

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

Jason simply does not feel like there is anything to apologize for, but he recognizes the signs of trauma from a victim. He makes sure to take the time to talk to Heather Hawkins, explaining Jason’s position and the events that night (recounted over a beer in Jason’s back yard around a campfire). Jason really hopes that Heather can help smooth things over, but ultimately (in Jason’s opinion) it’s Evy’s job to make sure the pack works as a whole and everybody gets along. That doesn’t stop Jason from making sure to contact an old friend with the victim assistance unit back in Chicago to give Luna a call…

Heather can’t and doesn’t promise anything, but as a wolf-blooded who was raised in a werewolf pack she understands both the often hubristic attitudes werewolves have, and the uniquely trusting and sometimes, in some ways, dependent position of wolf-blooded and humans within the pack. This understanding has helped her smooth over pack troubles in the past and will hopefully help this time.

When you next visited Calls-to-Sparks you found the budding locus decimated. Calls-to-Sparks told you that a werewolf (Brian) came by and took all the available essence while fleeing. What do you do?

Jason is furious, and only barely manages to keep himself in check and not rage. Of course his anger is directed at Brian, and not Calls-to-Sparks. Not only was the essence taken, but half the machines were knocked over, messed up, raided for parts, or otherwise mangled. Once he comes to his senses, Jason understand that he must really focus and build up the right amount of essence, tapping into the park and shaping that essence into the right resonance, as well as building up the locus thru more mundane means. He spends a lot of time tapping the loci around the park for essence and converting that, maybe taking more than his fair share but still making sure the loci are healthy – which is part of his responsibility in the pack, so very important to Jason.

A member of the South Park Pack offered to teach you a rite or gift of your choosing. How did you meet her and what did you do to pay for this education?

One of the South Park Pack’s Itheur get into a bit of trouble with the beloved Thaddeus and his new sidekick, Moss-moss-moon-moon. Of course Jason is dispatched to patch that up, and with a bit of conversation does so quite handily. The SPP’s Itheur is involved deeply not only with the normal traditions, but also loves to explore history – particularly of the park. Of course Jason knows a guy – he worked with his uncle, but the young nephew Ian Berckalawitz (uncle is Boris Berckalawitz, great guy) is a true-to-goodness historian working with the Park service (Jason ran back into him at a park service convention he had to go to in order to look normal) on the history of the parks. By tapping that and getting those two to meet up, the SPP Itheur owes Jason a boon – which Jason takes in the form of learning the Spirit Bottle rite.



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