Where the Wild Wolves Wander

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Old memories and new friends

Bold= prompt
No formatting= player response
Italics= GM response if warranted

Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

I hunted down a young lamb with Sorrel for gillyweed! I don’t know why we needed a young lamb, thought it didn’t need that… but I trust Sorrel knows what he is doing. It is so nice of him to help me! He did say it is going to take even longer for the gillyweed, not sure why it is taking so long. He is still doing things like this that let me know he is still working hard to get me gillyweed. Since it is going to take so long, I think I will go talk to desolation peak too…

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

I felt terrible for what happened to Braxton. I have visited him daily to check on his status and healing. Braxton seems to be much more forgiving than Luna. I have chosen to give her space in order to heal. Only time will help her forgive us. I apologized to her the first time I saw her after the incident, but she seems unready to forgive us. I offered for her to go with me to talk to Mt. Fury, and that we could see Luna Peak while up in the North territory, but she refused.

Recent brushes with death (both yours and your packmates’) seem to have given you the strength to face some of your past. Did you choose to visit the crash site and your deceased boyfriend’s grave? What happened if you did? If you did not, what held you back?

I took some time to drive to the mountains in South Washington where my BF and I spent our first night after our greatest adventure together. I found where I buried him and found myself for a loss of words. I instead chose to wander around and reminisce about our excitement that day. I was so full of fear and confusion the last time I was here, and now feel more at peace with my understanding of my fate. I found his old hat, and decided to take it with me. It marks the day my life and who I was changed forever.

You visited Desolation Peak in the hopes of figuring out if the spirit would be willing to talk to you about Death Wolf (Kamduis-Ur). You found him to be a lonely individual in the form of burn-scarred rocks. What subject did you bond over and what did you do to approach the topic of Death Wolf?

Desolation peak was not what I expected. There was some pain in his past that I could relate to. I had spent the morning gathering essence for him, and found enough to give him 5 essence. I was distracted by a sabotage and found myself unsuccessful at finding a good companion for him. He wasn’t hard to get to open up, and I probably would have been able to get by with just spending the morning listening to his stories. He knew I was there for answers and was more than happy to help me after sharing his week’s activities with me. After I has asked him for some details, he shared what he remembered of Death Wolf. I found myself asking of his experiences more, and realized I could learn what I wanted from Desolation Peak and his past. I stayed longer than I thought, because I wanted to. After leaving I told him I would come back. I was relieved that I opted to not find him a companion, because I expected him to be female like the other peaks. I will continue trying to find him a companion, and in the meantime, I will visit him more frequently.



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