Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Somewolf strangely segregated

While other things happen

While Evy is off doing angry werewolf things, the pack scrapes Thaddeus off the ground and returns to the lodge with him, presenting his mangled form to Rick. While Thaddeus is chewed up pretty well, he’ll live. Thaddeus is transported to Rick’s (thankfully hardwood) dining room floor to recover.

Eventually the beans are spilled: Thaddeus was doing some silly rite and screwing it up by the numbers, trying to turn Laughing-Cat into a fetish to impress Luna. It turns out Laughing-Cat apparently needs rescued somehow. The pack takes off to do that, and encounters some strangely familiar spirits that seem to mimic something really familiar…that they can’t quite figure out. After some horrifying eye-touching by parasites, the spirits are driven back, and Laughing-Cat is found. A quick rite (done correctly this time) and Laughing-Cat is now a fetish present for Luna (but not that kind of fetish present).

Things do not go particularly well for Thaddeus, who instead of getting Luna’s attention, now has to go hang out with goddamn Moss Moss Moon Moon.

A few days later, after some good research by the group, Sorrel and Jason take off on a magic carpet ride helicopter ride to survey some sickly trees. The trees in the real world seem okay, however, but something really not-good is happening in the spirit world side, although the details remain a bit foggy.


“Just…reverse fuck, if you will”
“Wolf the fuck up”



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