Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Wolves, Waterguns, and Sedro-Woolley

The second wolf-venture

Field Trip to Glacier (complete with crafts)

After a hasty retreat, the pack regroups and finds that Jason has discovered the bane for the angry-dragon-fire-spirit. Heading off to retrieve some glacier water, there is much running and driving and travelling together with some procrastination in order to have more time to regenerate. Once at the glacier, we retrieve some water, calmly ignoring the odd dark shadow deep within the ice, and head back to the locus to reach back to the Hisil. On the way we have a fun crafts day making water guns. Crossing over, we track down the fire spirit and using our newly crafted tools, put out his fire. We return to our headquarters to lick our wounds, triumphant.

The Next Week.

On Tuesday, Sorrel, Nymeria, and Evy head to Sedro-Woolley to visit Evy’s friend and do some research on nirnroot. Jen manages to find a possible job opportunity at a record store for her friend, but a trip to the library (complete with microfiche) is pretty fruitless for Sorrel. Jason and Eric visit several local loci, checking in on the territory and regaining some essence.

On Wednesday, Jason and Nymeria put up some surveillance cameras to catch a suspicious man doing suspicious things (like maybe bombing the dam). There might have been some tailing of a car in a Winnebago, because that is 100% not suspicious. Eric gets a hold of Luna and asks her to do some internet research and investigation for him regarding his mother. Sorrel and Evy get ahold of Indigo and try to negotiate a way for Evy’s friend to maybe make friendly with the North Park Pack.

On Thursday, Jason and Nymeria get a good lead on the suspicious man doing suspicious things, and with Luna’s help start to track him down. Evy calls in a favor from a long-time contact who looks up some license plates to help Nymeria. Sorrel approaches Indigo about some plant health issues in the north part of the park and is mostly told that it’s no big deal, although she did seem awfully jittery when asked.

On Saturday, the pack goes and hunts down some spirit bunnies. Very different from snow bunnies.

The next Monday, Eric finds the name of his maternal great uncle, thanks to Luna. Nymeria and Jason get a list of potential names and addresses to visit from Luna as well. Sorrel gets a call from Justin, North Park’s botanist wolf-blooded, a call that mirrors an earlier one, nervously insisting that the issues with the trees in the NW Park area is nothing that needs attention from a werewolf.

MVP for the week: Luna.



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