Aveline Rossi

The Wolf Whisperer


Eledoth/Iron Master
Park Ranger
Kuruth Triggers: Pack

Hishu (Human)
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 125 pounds
Hair: black, below shoulders
Eye color: brown
Skin tone: olive
Job: Park Ranger

Urhan (Wolf)
Length: 4’8"
Height: 2’00"
Weight: 98 pounds
Fur color: grey, rust, black, and buff
Eye color: amber


Growing up in the Humboldt Pack of Chicago had its perks. Aveline was a favorite of her grandfather, the pack’s alpha, and when she shifted, family was there to nurse her through the trauma and support her transition as a wolf-member of the pack. The Humboldt Pack thrived under Abramo’s leadership, and Evy, a young woman, watched and learned from his strength, cunning, and wisdom. Placed as a scout within the pack, Evy was fascinated with how Abramo used her small or seemingly unimportant observations to influence others and determine pack decisions.

After her grandfather’s death, dynamics and loyalties within the pack shifted, and the alliances between bordering packs became strained. When a young Humboldt wolf was murdered in Bucktown territory, the pack moved to retaliate, only to find themselves trapped by packs to the north and south. With neither the numbers nor a geographic advantage, the Humboldt Pack was massacred, and its territory divided up between the Garfield and Logan Packs.

Aveline came to Ross Lake Pack two years ago from the shattered remnants of her pack in West Chicago. Family and lovers dead, she sought out her great-uncle Jim in the Cascade Mountains. He helped her find a home within the Ross Lake Pack, and she found the healing and solitude she desired as a Park Ranger.

Evy now enjoys a solid position within Park Services, monitoring park activity and working with investigators. As a pack member, she works with “lost pups”, to help them find jobs or a position within a pack who will accept them. In the evenings, she can be found conversing with pack mates by the fire or accompanying Sorrel on guitar.

Evy feels it is her duty to keep the pack from unnecessary danger. She strives for harmony between the area packs, and believes that creating allies and developing relations with those who may be useful is the best way to keep her pack strong and safe. Although she doesn’t often turn to violence to solve her problems, she will do she must to keep her pack and kin safe. Aveline wields information like a blade, and when facing an opponent, knows exactly where to strike. She has lost one family already, and does not intend to lose another.

“The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Aveline Rossi

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