Eric Sanger

Rahu Storm Lord - All Around Badass


Height: 6’2
Weight: 184 pounds
Hair: Around 5 inches; Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Skin tone: Light Brown

Length: 5’6
Height: 3’
Weight: 112 pounds
Fur color: Black
Eye color: Light Blue


He was born in Seattle in 1985. His mother left when he was two years old, leaving him and his seven year old brother Isaac with their father who was an architect and amateur woodworker. All he knows about her is from the picture his father had and the stories he was told. While he was for the most part a fairly solitary individual, he often found himself at odds with his peers; it was not uncommon for him to get in fights when he was younger. Hoping to curb this violent streak before it got out of hand, his father enrolled him in a local taekwondo class. It was from this that Eric took a particularly strong interest in martial arts as a whole, seeking to learn more and more techniques from various forms. After graduating high school, Eric decided to go into amateur mixed martial arts and eventually go professional. His father died of pancreatic cancer when he was 19 years old and Eric had to move in with Isaac and sister-in-law because he could not support himself with the meager income he was making with his small bouts. Within a couple of years he became an uncle to his brother’s daughter and it was looking like he might finally be able to move into the professional circuit of MMA.

On December 12, 2008, Eric was at Isaac’s house with his wife and child waiting to surprise them all with tickets to his first professional bout. When Isaac finally arrived, Eric knew something wasn’t right with his brother and he cannot remember what happened that night except for a distinct feeling of pain and rage. When he came to, his brother living room was a scene of slaughter and his brother lay dead. However, also in the carnage were Eric’s sister-in-law and niece. Numb with shock and disbelief, he didn’t notice his own severe wounds and the woman also in the room. This individual explained to Eric that his brother had been possessed by a spirit and had attacked him. They also explained that they were a werewolf as was Eric and that as it was the night of the full moon, his first transformation was triggered through a combination of mere coincidence and extreme duress. As a Storm Lord, this werewolf had been hunting his brother this night, knowing him to be possessed, but by the time she had arrived, the battle was already over and Eric was the only one left alive. She also finally explained that collateral damage is far from uncommon when a werewolf is taken by his rage, especially on the first transformation. After giving him this basic knowledge, she gave Eric the offer to follow her to the Ross Lake Pack to learn more about his heritage and surround himself with other like him. Feeling like he had little choice and flooded with guilt over the night’s happenings, he joined her.

Once part of the Ross Lake Pack, he learned a great deal about survival in the wilderness and general life in the pack. He joined the Storm Lords which felt like a natural fit, given his nature as a Rahu and his own personal experience with possession. Even within the pack, Eric maintains his solitary personality and typically keeps to himself; he often wanders in the mountains for several days at a time. When not hunting those who have been possessed, Eric is a part of the general security of the pack; disputes within the pack or even between packs rarely require his skills but when they do, he does not hesitate to use them. He also teaches some of the newer and less experienced members of the pack the basics of martial arts that he created to combine the techniques he learned with the strength and natural weaponry of werewolves.

Eric Sanger

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