Jason Eisenberg

Totally not a Neo-nazi guys


Jason is tall, muscular, but not hulking. Nearly platinum blonde, very fair skin, and brilliant blue eyes in human form, with pristine ghost-white fur in wolf form. He has an affable way about him, usually friendly and joking. Not intimidating, he is definitely better at the “good cop” part of the routine.


Jason was born and raised in rural Illinois, a 2nd generation German immigrant to the country. His grandfather left Germany during the second world war while his parents were children, under mysterious conditions, and moved to rural America. After high school Jason moved to Chicago, got a degree in forensic investigation, and become a police officer. Moving through the ranks, he soon made detective under the close tutorship of a senior detective.

What the world sees

Jason left the police force suddenly and under strange circumstances, with dropped litigation and a murdered prosecuting attorney. His mentor left the force soon thereafter, retiring suddenly and moving to rural Idaho.

Jason joined the forestry service with a stellar law enforcement record and recommendations from several higher-ups in the police force.

What his pack sees

Jason was not born wolf-blooded, instead contracting it via lunacy after witnessing an inner city war between two werewolf packs and as a beat cop. His first change was a bloody one after he made detective, happening at a bad crime scene. The whole event was swept under the rug with a series of bribes, threats, and one murder, with the provision that Jason leave the city entirely.

Jason Eisenberg

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