Nymeria Cooper


Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: brown, long, unkept, stringy at the ends
Skin: light/some what tan

Length: 5’5’’
Height: 2’8’’
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Light

Nymeria is distant and a bit of a loner. Don’t let this fool you, she is very protective of her family still. She shows this by lurking around in the shadows keeping an eye on those around to keep the pack out of trouble.


We walked in silence, neither of us wanting to break the silence. It was a day full of anxiety and uncertainty. Just after sunset we came up to our camp we set up last week. I broke the silence with a sigh of relief as we settled in for the night. That was the last thing I remembered as I woke up. The grass was wet with the morning dew and the birds were chirping. I sat up abruptly with the images in my head flashing from what I hoped was a dream. As I looked around, I knew I was not that lucky. There he was, mangled and bloody in the grass. My boyfriend.
It has been three years since that morning. I am now part of the Ross Lake Pack. I spent a few months traveling between campsites. I stumbled into Sunny who encouraged me to make a home next to her territory with some other lone wolves. After some time, the desire to have a more family like structure overcame me. That is when I joined the Ross Lake Pack because it had such a strong multi-tribal representation.

Before the change, I was abandoned by both of my parents at the age of 4. After that I bounced around between different family members but was never fully welcome. I was a child filled with rage and no one really could figure out how to relate to me. I always liked the outdoors and felt most at peace in desolate forests.

I want to return to the place I first shifted to retrieve some money I left behind

I want to find an old spirit that has knowledge on the times when Father Wolf was around. I never knew my true family and view Father Wolf as my true ancestor. I want to learn as much about that time as I can. Only then will I really be able to accept this fate and find peace.

There is an individual in Newhalem that caught my attention while he was spending too much time near the Ross Dam. I believe he is planning to destroy it as part of the anti-dam movement. I don’t think he is working alone. This would injure those in my pack and I must not allow them to complete their goal

Nymeria Cooper

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