Thaddeus Alistair VanCleese

New Guy


Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Storm Lord

Thaddeus is a slender and short man in his early 20s with wiry, dark hair. He was, until his very recent First Change, a Wolf-blooded member of a pack in Portland, Oregon. When he changed, the decision was made to send him to a distant cousin’s pack—the Ross Lake Pack. Whatever the reason for that, Thaddeus is none-too-pleased about it. However, he believes that if he utilizes his extensive training in rites and Spirit matters (with an emphasis on Kabbalah, as befitting his heritage) to great effect within the Ross Lake Pack, he may ultimately be able to rejoin his home pack.


Knowledgeable about rites
Academically gifted


Athletic ability

Thaddeus Alistair VanCleese

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