Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Leopard Frogs, Mount Terror, and a date night with Sasquatch
Another Wolf-venture

B&E, very different from B&B

The whole gang piles into a truck and heads off to do some breaking and entering at a very unfortunate grad student’s house. Using a variety of infiltration techniques, the group finds…that there is nothing to be found. The mysterious, shady individual seems to be completely innocuous in regards to blowing up the dam. The group takes his computer (and apparently his only research notes) just to be sure. Meanwhile, Eric has a talk with Louis about a troubled ghost wolf.

The following day, Luna does some googling and hacking on a certain computer with a certain set of notes.

The group is tasked with yet again getting the North Park Pack out of some hot water, needing to go talk to Mount Terror (who is being fantastically whiny about not being talked to by an outside pack). A short trip thru the Hisil and a brief conversation later, and the group manages to entirely offend the mountain, ensuring whatever task lay at hand to be much more difficult. Jason sends Terence off to investigate the real world area around Mount Terror for some manner of poaching, gem thieves, or other tomfoolery. He reports back the next day with some strange findings – creepy predator markings and odd animal behavior. The same day, Luna finds a missing person and cracks a computer.

The group heads out for some lively Friday fun with a social group dedicated to saving Leopard Frogs. The group seems mostly harmless, short of some odd conspiracies, but it is decided to track some members just to be sure. To prevent the pack from feeling bad for stealing a grad students research notes, his computer is returned to him (although his back door is left a bit awry).

The weekend is fairly quiet – some contacts happen and some conversations happen but things get all crazy when Eric and Sorrel decide to trot into Indigo’s pack territory totally unannounced. Indigo is angry, Rick is disappointed-angry, and after the dust settles, surprisingly nobody is dead but Eric and Sorrel are totally banned from the North Park Pack territory.

Monday goes as poorly as any Monday goes, with Eric and Sorrel getting their pee-pees spanked by Rick. Evy manages to play an awesome defense lawyer/teacher, following it up by smoothing some things over with Indigo afterwards. Jason puts up some game cameras to figure out what’s happening around Mount Terror.

Tuesday gets really crazy, with hikers getting caught in strange bear traps and trap spirits running amok around the Wolf Den. A short jaunt thru the Hisil takes care of them, but on the way Jason is lured away by what appears to be Bigfoot. The pack is then instructed by Rick that this is a BFD and that Jason needs rescued. The pack encounters more trap spirits, but some applied tooth and claw manages to fix that problem. It is discovered that Bigfoot is apparently the spirit of Tourism, the head spirit in the area.

Over beers later that night, the pack talks about the problems that have been going on lately, and what possible steps may be needed to ensure the sanctity and safety of the park as a whole. With Indigo’s pack having so many problems, maybe some drastic steps need to be taken. After all, every wolf knows what happens when another wolf can’t take care of their territory…

Wolves, Waterguns, and Sedro-Woolley
The second wolf-venture

Field Trip to Glacier (complete with crafts)

After a hasty retreat, the pack regroups and finds that Jason has discovered the bane for the angry-dragon-fire-spirit. Heading off to retrieve some glacier water, there is much running and driving and travelling together with some procrastination in order to have more time to regenerate. Once at the glacier, we retrieve some water, calmly ignoring the odd dark shadow deep within the ice, and head back to the locus to reach back to the Hisil. On the way we have a fun crafts day making water guns. Crossing over, we track down the fire spirit and using our newly crafted tools, put out his fire. We return to our headquarters to lick our wounds, triumphant.

The Next Week.

On Tuesday, Sorrel, Nymeria, and Evy head to Sedro-Woolley to visit Evy’s friend and do some research on nirnroot. Jen manages to find a possible job opportunity at a record store for her friend, but a trip to the library (complete with microfiche) is pretty fruitless for Sorrel. Jason and Eric visit several local loci, checking in on the territory and regaining some essence.

On Wednesday, Jason and Nymeria put up some surveillance cameras to catch a suspicious man doing suspicious things (like maybe bombing the dam). There might have been some tailing of a car in a Winnebago, because that is 100% not suspicious. Eric gets a hold of Luna and asks her to do some internet research and investigation for him regarding his mother. Sorrel and Evy get ahold of Indigo and try to negotiate a way for Evy’s friend to maybe make friendly with the North Park Pack.

On Thursday, Jason and Nymeria get a good lead on the suspicious man doing suspicious things, and with Luna’s help start to track him down. Evy calls in a favor from a long-time contact who looks up some license plates to help Nymeria. Sorrel approaches Indigo about some plant health issues in the north part of the park and is mostly told that it’s no big deal, although she did seem awfully jittery when asked.

On Saturday, the pack goes and hunts down some spirit bunnies. Very different from snow bunnies.

The next Monday, Eric finds the name of his maternal great uncle, thanks to Luna. Nymeria and Jason get a list of potential names and addresses to visit from Luna as well. Sorrel gets a call from Justin, North Park’s botanist wolf-blooded, a call that mirrors an earlier one, nervously insisting that the issues with the trees in the NW Park area is nothing that needs attention from a werewolf.

MVP for the week: Luna.

Opening Ceremonies
The first Wolf-venture

The Night Before

Our story starts on a cold open, in the middle of a Siskur-dah.

The pack chases down a Beshilu, an infestation of shartha that have taken over a womans body. The new kid is the first on the scene, thinking he’s tracked her down, only to become the ambushee instead of the ambusher.

A bloody fight ensues after the rest of the pack catches up. It is short, and messy, with the woman splitting open and spilling rats in various states of development across the ground. Eventually all the rats are disposed of, and we scrape the new kid off the ground…

Mountains of Madness

The next day we are hanging out at the Visitor’s Center, only to be told by the Alpha that Indigo needs our help. Meeting up with her at a campground just outside her pack’s territory, we find out that the mountain spirits are troubled and need help with things. We head to a local locus, Reach across to the Hisil, and are soon in the Shadow.

Once in the Shadow, we track down the spirit of Mount Despair. After some conversation, Mount Despair refuses to tell us what is needed. In order to find it out we’ll have to do Mount Despair a favor: bring it some goats. Specifically goats from the spirit of Bacon Peak. Goats that Bacon Peak might not want to give up.

In order to be mediators and not just thieves, the pack determines it would be best to talk to Bacon Peak. To track it down faster, the pack splits up. One team gets a little bit more done than the other team, who spends too much time talking to snakes. Once found, Bacon Peak seems to be a little…slow. Jason, Sorrel, and Eric get into a mock argument and eventual physical altercation to distract Bacon Peak, while Nymeria stealthily sneaks off with a few goats that hopefully will not be missed.

Once we give the goats as a gift to Mount Despair, it is revealed that a fire spirit has set some trees on the mountain on fire, burning them down, making her trees more equal to the other mountains. The pack sets about trying to learn some more information on this fire spirit responsible for this, but is met with difficulty. Additional gifts are needed in the form of a shrubbery a specific kind of tree. The tree is found and gifted, rewarding the pack with the spirits True Name (probably).

Capturing the Flame

Tracking down the fire spirit, the pack once again turns from the predator to the prey, getting ambushed by a crazy hiker with literal fire in his eyes. Able to take an obscene amount of punishment and breathe fire, it’s obvious that this is a Ridden, a spirit-possessed man, and the pack manages to put him down after some severely singed hairs. The fire spirit gets away, however, fleeing back into the Hisil. There is much debate about what to do with the now-dead body of some random hiker, but the decision is made.

Returning back to the Visitor’s Center for a brief moment, the pack picks up Aveline and makes ready to head once again into the Hisil. At the behest of Jason, Eric calls a Siskur-dah. Kyle from the North Pack makes a brief appearance, then disappears. Once on the hunt, Nymeria once again leads the way scouting ahead, and with some difficulty the pack locates the fire spirit.

The fire spirit in the Hisil is a giant dragon-like serpent, entirely aflame, supported by some kind of wind spirit presumably to fan the flames. The pack engages in melee but finds itself somewhat outclassed. Jason uses a gift to speak to the Shadow, finding some important information: the spirit’s bane. Seeing this as a suitable time to bid a strategic retreat to back off, get some supplies, and regroup, Jason calls for the pack to disengage and flee. The pack just barely makes it away before the session draws to a close.


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