Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Sorrel's 20 Days Off

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Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

Nymeria and I hunted down, in Urhan form, a young lamb and harvested its bones. We cleaned them and stored them in the back of the freezer at the visitor’s center (employee’s only fridge of course). We also tracked down two henne’s eggs from a farmer in Canada (as humans, we paid for them… we aren’t savages after all).

I also tried to get the pack together for the practice of our new band, Wolf Attack (working title), but so far we haven’t had much time to actually get our band going.

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

I avoid her like the plague. I don’t handle guilt well and every time i see her the guilt overwhelms me. I totally understand why she is mad but I can’t figure out how to even confront her with an apology. I feel helpless about the situation. Time heals all, right? RIGHT?!

Another Bone Shadow from the Dawn Crows reached out to you when your friend Samuel Rutherford did some digging for you. The other werewolf asked you to fly out to Vermont and teach him a rite in exchange for information. Did you go? If you did, how did the visit go?

I did visit him in Vermont and helped teach him the rite! His name was Joseph Sandago and he was very hospitable. It turns out that his parents knew my parents. We talked about spending time at the gardens growing up. I just about lived there but he visited frequently. Still, we don’t remember each other from those days but there were a lot of people around the gardens then. I helped Joe with the Shadowbind rite. He had the spirit of a power plant that was having an issue and kept forcing power surges in the nearby town of Middlebury. We bound the spirit and found out that it was sad due to another power plant (hydro) nearby who was his friend being deconstructed to let the river run. We took him to the area where his friend dwelt and showed him all of the new nature spirits now in the area due to nature returning to the area.

Joseph invited an older wolfblooded packmate, Phillip, over for drinks one of the last nights of your stay, and had you recount all of your memories from the night your parents died. Phillip lingered over the details of the other wolf, pausing your story and asking you to describe the night, the moon, and the wolf in exquisite detail. When you were done both of them stayed silent for a long moment.

“Your parents suffered a terrible death, but be thankful they died,” Phillip said quietly, and finished his beer with a single long pull. "About a decade ago we had a huge problem in that part of the woods with a bloodsucker. Heterochromic. You’d think that would make him easy to find, but he was sneaky. See, he was a sucker but he was also a Gangrel and hid in the woods as a wolf. No werewolf nose would be fooled, but it made him that much harder to find. He thrived on hikers and campers for more than a year.

“We tracked him down eventually, though he got Anne before we had him cornered. It took 6 wolves and 2 of us wolfblooded with blessed rounds, oak-loaded crossbows, and a flamethrower to take him down, but we got him. Staked, flamed, and ashes buried at the crossroads—we had a real paranoid Ithaeur at the time.” Phillip paused for a long moment and stared out the window. You took your cue from Joseph who just sat and patiently waited for Phillip to return from wherever his thoughts had wandered.

“If you got away from him that night of your change you can count your lucky stars. Maybe something watched out for you, Father Wolf knows I’ve seen stranger things in my time. Maybe you’re just that fierce in Gauru,” he grinned at you before sobering. “One way or another the Dawn Crows avenged your parents and all that sucker’s other victims.”

One day after accidentally leaving your notes at Madame Nifar’s library you return to find them somewhat disordered as though she has read through them. After this she becomes far more solicitous as to how your research is coming along, and offers to help you out. How do you handle this situation? Do you accept her help or do you refuse? What do you do to try and figure out why she is so interested suddenly?

I accept her help graciously. She is a night witch after-all and thus has most likely been alive long enough to gather a lot of knowledge on everything occult. I also told her that I collected the bones and eggs that I believe we may need for the ritual and ask her for some advice on what to do next. She plans to get back to me.

Madame Nifar’s helpfulness with your gillyweed “distraction” as she termed it seems cursory,and you noticed that she kept returning to the subject of your nirnroot research.

Nymeria's 20 Days Off
Old memories and new friends

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Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

I hunted down a young lamb with Sorrel for gillyweed! I don’t know why we needed a young lamb, thought it didn’t need that… but I trust Sorrel knows what he is doing. It is so nice of him to help me! He did say it is going to take even longer for the gillyweed, not sure why it is taking so long. He is still doing things like this that let me know he is still working hard to get me gillyweed. Since it is going to take so long, I think I will go talk to desolation peak too…

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

I felt terrible for what happened to Braxton. I have visited him daily to check on his status and healing. Braxton seems to be much more forgiving than Luna. I have chosen to give her space in order to heal. Only time will help her forgive us. I apologized to her the first time I saw her after the incident, but she seems unready to forgive us. I offered for her to go with me to talk to Mt. Fury, and that we could see Luna Peak while up in the North territory, but she refused.

Recent brushes with death (both yours and your packmates’) seem to have given you the strength to face some of your past. Did you choose to visit the crash site and your deceased boyfriend’s grave? What happened if you did? If you did not, what held you back?

I took some time to drive to the mountains in South Washington where my BF and I spent our first night after our greatest adventure together. I found where I buried him and found myself for a loss of words. I instead chose to wander around and reminisce about our excitement that day. I was so full of fear and confusion the last time I was here, and now feel more at peace with my understanding of my fate. I found his old hat, and decided to take it with me. It marks the day my life and who I was changed forever.

You visited Desolation Peak in the hopes of figuring out if the spirit would be willing to talk to you about Death Wolf (Kamduis-Ur). You found him to be a lonely individual in the form of burn-scarred rocks. What subject did you bond over and what did you do to approach the topic of Death Wolf?

Desolation peak was not what I expected. There was some pain in his past that I could relate to. I had spent the morning gathering essence for him, and found enough to give him 5 essence. I was distracted by a sabotage and found myself unsuccessful at finding a good companion for him. He wasn’t hard to get to open up, and I probably would have been able to get by with just spending the morning listening to his stories. He knew I was there for answers and was more than happy to help me after sharing his week’s activities with me. After I has asked him for some details, he shared what he remembered of Death Wolf. I found myself asking of his experiences more, and realized I could learn what I wanted from Desolation Peak and his past. I stayed longer than I thought, because I wanted to. After leaving I told him I would come back. I was relieved that I opted to not find him a companion, because I expected him to be female like the other peaks. I will continue trying to find him a companion, and in the meantime, I will visit him more frequently.

Jason's 20 Days Off
Vampire hunting and a new rite

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Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

Jason decides to take his time off and visit his friend and mentor, Det. Radcliffe. It’s a bit of a drive to Idaho, so Jason decides to overnight it. On the way, he finds a hitchhiker and picks him up. The confused young man (“Name is Cu-…llen. Cullen.” – not his real name) is fleeing a town that has had a rash of murders (including the young man’s brother who was discovered anemic and dying in room just across from his at home). Jason drops him off in the next town, meets up with Det. Radcliffe in his rural farmhouse, and get to talking. The next day they are driving to the town the young man was from. A short investigation leads to the obvious clues: a vampire is sucking this town dry. It moved into town and is prowling the outskirts, picking off who it can because the town is too small to attract any real attention. Det. Radcliffe has had encounters with the supernatural before (he witnessed Jason’s first change), but this is a bit much for him.

Jason talks Radcliffe into helping and despite Jason’s injuries, they track down and kill the vampire, coming across his haven (a ramshakle hut in the woods, remote enough to not be easy access) during the day and knocking a tree down into it, then killing the flaming ambulatory corpse that runs screaming from the daylight. His adventure leaves his relationship with Det. Radcliffe a bit odd; the detective knew that Jason was a werewolf but didn’t really know what all that entailed. It’s a lot to take in, and Det. Radcliffe still really admires Jason and killing an obvious evil really brought the two together again, but at the same time he wants a little time alone away from Jason to process all that. Jason returns to the park, heady with a good victory but worried about his relationship with his mentor.

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

Jason simply does not feel like there is anything to apologize for, but he recognizes the signs of trauma from a victim. He makes sure to take the time to talk to Heather Hawkins, explaining Jason’s position and the events that night (recounted over a beer in Jason’s back yard around a campfire). Jason really hopes that Heather can help smooth things over, but ultimately (in Jason’s opinion) it’s Evy’s job to make sure the pack works as a whole and everybody gets along. That doesn’t stop Jason from making sure to contact an old friend with the victim assistance unit back in Chicago to give Luna a call…

Heather can’t and doesn’t promise anything, but as a wolf-blooded who was raised in a werewolf pack she understands both the often hubristic attitudes werewolves have, and the uniquely trusting and sometimes, in some ways, dependent position of wolf-blooded and humans within the pack. This understanding has helped her smooth over pack troubles in the past and will hopefully help this time.

When you next visited Calls-to-Sparks you found the budding locus decimated. Calls-to-Sparks told you that a werewolf (Brian) came by and took all the available essence while fleeing. What do you do?

Jason is furious, and only barely manages to keep himself in check and not rage. Of course his anger is directed at Brian, and not Calls-to-Sparks. Not only was the essence taken, but half the machines were knocked over, messed up, raided for parts, or otherwise mangled. Once he comes to his senses, Jason understand that he must really focus and build up the right amount of essence, tapping into the park and shaping that essence into the right resonance, as well as building up the locus thru more mundane means. He spends a lot of time tapping the loci around the park for essence and converting that, maybe taking more than his fair share but still making sure the loci are healthy – which is part of his responsibility in the pack, so very important to Jason.

A member of the South Park Pack offered to teach you a rite or gift of your choosing. How did you meet her and what did you do to pay for this education?

One of the South Park Pack’s Itheur get into a bit of trouble with the beloved Thaddeus and his new sidekick, Moss-moss-moon-moon. Of course Jason is dispatched to patch that up, and with a bit of conversation does so quite handily. The SPP’s Itheur is involved deeply not only with the normal traditions, but also loves to explore history – particularly of the park. Of course Jason knows a guy – he worked with his uncle, but the young nephew Ian Berckalawitz (uncle is Boris Berckalawitz, great guy) is a true-to-goodness historian working with the Park service (Jason ran back into him at a park service convention he had to go to in order to look normal) on the history of the parks. By tapping that and getting those two to meet up, the SPP Itheur owes Jason a boon – which Jason takes in the form of learning the Spirit Bottle rite.

Evy's 20 Days Off
Emotional exploration and fallout

Bold= prompt
No formatting= player response
Italics= GM response if warranted

Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

Evy’s fellow ranger, Jordan Lewis, previously invited Julian and Evy to his home for dinner in an attempt to reach out and befriend her and the illegitimate child he thinks she’d been hiding. To satisfy his curiosity and ultimately to get him the fuck off her back and out of pack business, Evy accepts the invitation and convinces Julian to pose, not as her child, but as a foster child. Greeted by an enthusiastic welcome, Evy thought she heard Julian growl when Jordan ushered them inside with a gangly, well-meaning embrace. Their slightly-burned hamburger helper feast was cut short when the ranger asked about Julian’s birth mother. “She’s dead!” the previously silent teen snapped, and stomped out of the ranger’s home. Jordan apologized repeatedly, as Evy quietly excused herself and followed Julian out to the car. In the weeks following the dinner, Jordan has been far less inquisitive, and gives her sympathetic glances when Evy abandons her park duties unexpectedly and without reason.

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

[Evy, in an attempt to repair relations with Luna (and frankly, to push blame on Indigo), visits her at the hospital.]

Evy gently knocked on the door to Braxton’s hospital room. She knew she would find Luna there, by his bedside, as she had been since he was admitted. The injuries caused by the cryptid were severe, and while his life was out of immediate danger, his recovery would be a slow and painful process.

From the door, she could see Luna in her usual position, sitting in the cheap vinyl hospital chair by beside the bed. Her laptop was open, fingers tapping over the keyboard in a lackluster dance, while Braxton wheezed in time to the machines that were monitoring his vitals.

Luna glanced up as Evy entered, mouth tightening. “He’s sleeping.”

Evy unfolded a metal chair leaning in the corner and placed it next to her packmate.

“I wanted to come by,” Evy murmured, “see if there was anything I could do…anything you needed.”

“I think you’ve done enough,” Luna snapped.

Evy flinched. She knew they had failed the pack. And if seeing Braxton’s motionless body being fed by machines wasn’t enough, the look in Luna’s eyes was a cold reminder that packs could be broken. This wound had to be healed, she thought, at any cost. She couldn’t afford to lose her pack, not again.

“We failed him,” Evy admitted, taking the brunt of Luna’s glare. “We failed you. We failed the pack.” Tears welled in her eyes, and she willed them to stay put. She reached for Luna’s hand, and although she could feel the woman tense, she didn’t pull her hand away.

Our pack has been stretched thin for too long, cleaning up after the North Pack, handling rogue wolves, and now hunters…” Evy leaned in, a fierceness shining behind the tears. “We can’t let something like this happen again”, she whispered, squeezing Luna’s hand. “We won’t.”

Evy stood. “Something has to change, Luna.”

Luna reached for her father’s hand; something in her eyes shifting. Evy couldn’t take away her anger, but perhaps she could redirect it. Evy grabbed her jacket and left the room, leaving Luna with her thoughts and her father. She might have been mistaken, but for the briefest of moments, she felt Luna squeeze her hand back.

You find out that aside from his First Change, Stephan was Julian’s first kuruth victim. You’ve got a lead on a pack in Oregon who would happily welcome a [insert Julian’s auspice] but you’re not sure you can bolster his self-esteem to accept the offer. What do you do?

Evy met with Julian to discuss the pack’s offer. She told Julian what she knows of the Oregon pack, and offered to accompany him if he wished to see for himself. Evy assured him that he was welcome to stay where he is, and that he is not being asked to leave. She also shared her own experiences of finding a new pack, and reminded him that this could be a fresh start. Julian was thoughtful but quiet during the conversation and assured her that he would think about it and let her know within a week.

Many spicy meals later, you’ve discovered that Kavi is a jovial man who is well liked by the community and makes a mean panang curry. You’ve also gotten the sense that he has a secret, although it is not one he is very happy about. Since you’re a regular now, if a new one, he’s stopped to chat with you a few times. How do you broach the topic of the missing kids?

Evy, prepared to dig further into what she knows about Kavi, visited the restaurant with an empty stomach and an armful of files. After ordering her usual, she mused quietly over the papers she knew by heart. As Kavi approached, he eyed the reports and flyers of the missing children.

“Bringing work to dinner?” he asked cautiously, eyes lingering over the flyer of the newest victim. Evy tidied the scattered files into a folder.

“Not exactly.” She pulled a worn flyer out of a stack. The smiling girl on the front seemed to mock her. It had been months since her disappearance and Evy felt no closer to finding her. She must be the most incompetent wolf ever, she thought.
How hard should it be to track a child?

“This is my niece,” she explained. The older man’s eyes softened. “I felt so helpless when it happened, and the police,” she shook her head, “do nothing, know nothing. I can’t sit and wait anymore; watch while our children are picked off, one by one. I will do whatever I can. I will do what the police cannot, or will not.”

Kavi stood silently, and looked as if he wished to say something, but didn’t. Evy thanked him for the food, and left to pay her bill. As she crossed the parking lot, she heard the jingle of bells from the restaurant door. “Wait,” Kavi called. “There is something you must know.”

Kavi’s eyes darted around the parking lot. “Now is not the time or place. Can you return Monday late morning? The restaurant will be closed and we can speak openly.”

Eric's 20 Days Off
A changeling and family memories

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Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

Feeling uneasy after the encounter with Madeleine, the arrival of the hunters, and the cryptid attack, I went off into the surrounding wilderness the first day of rest. On the second day, I coincidentally ran into Christina Stafford on one of her hikes. She could sense something was wrong but didn’t press. I eventually gave her an awkwardly vague explanation of how I let a number of people down in a surprisingly short time period. She listened and told me an anecdote of a time she felt she let down people she cared about. It was of course on a much smaller scale with much less dire consequences but the similarities were clear. She then told me that I had move forward and make sure that I learn from the experience. But at the same time, have the capacity to forgive myself for my failings. I took her advice to heart and returned to Ross Lake.

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

I felt incredibly guilty that my neglection of my duties resulted her dad’s near death experience. I spent the first week avoiding most of the pack and just focusing on the tasks I needed to complete. The second week I visited Braxton and Luna in the hospital and tried to apologize but the reception was frigid. I had a strong need to make it up to them so I talked to Rick and asked if I could get a group of volunteers together to make Braxton’s house more handicap accessible for when he returns.

Not only do you and your volunteers manage to tear down and rebuild his deck, you manage to install a handicapped-accessible ramp in such a way that it isn’t painfully obvious from the street what it is (therefore not obviously showing a weakness), which is something you know Braxton would appreciate.

Madeleine calls you (you didn’t even know she had your number…) and apologizes for being overbearing the other day. You’ve found out from other sources that she is a well known Witch (Mage) that keeps her finger on the pulse of supernatural information in Washington but mostly remains neutral. She asks you to keep tabs on an itinerant Changeling visiting Seattle. Did you accept? How did the assignment go?

I cautiously accepted still wary from our first encounter, but nonetheless I took a trip to Seattle two weeks ago. I found the Changling downtown going by the name Charles Testa. He traveled around the city in winding path and changing his disguises frequently but as a werewolf, it was fairly easy to track him while staying out of view. He met up with a person in Pike Place Market and they spoke while weaving through the crowd so they wouldn’t be overheard. I couldn’t pick up on a lot of the words but the contact reeked offensively of silver. Whatever they discussed appeared to frustrate the hunter.

After they went their separate ways, I ambushed the Changling in an alleyway and interrogated him. (I told him the good cop was out on sick leave.) He told me that he was meeting with the hunter to tell him information about a recent sighting of a known werewolf pack in the area but the pack had already fled back out to sea. He also told the hunters about vampires in the area but he seemed disinterested in that information. I informed Madeleine about the Changling’s activities and she thanked me but appeared pensive.

You found a printed out map on Luna’s desk of a cemetery in Seattle along with a listing of graves, one of which was your brother’s and family’s. Did you visit the grave? What happened if/when you did?

While I was in Seattle on Madeleine’s errand, I visited the cemetery before I left. There were three surprisingly expensive plots for my brother, his wife, and his daughter. It looked as though someone had recently left flowers as well. Looking further into it, I found out that the graves were paid for by an anonymous donor. I also discovered that their deaths were attributed to an accidental electrical fire that burned their house to the ground. I asked Carmen if she knew anything about this cover up but she said the house was in flames by the time her guys had arrived to deal with the scene. Regardless, seeing my brother’s final resting place did bring me a strong degree of closure; his grave was physical termination of the life I knew prior to joining the Ross Lake Pack.

Chasing a Car, Lying To Rick, and The Horror In The Swamp
I need a vacation...


Voiceover while the camera slowly zooms out on the Ross Lake Visitor’s Center “Last time on Where The Wild Wolves Wander.”

Close shot of Rick talking to the wolves in his office “The North Park Pack has tracked some sort of cryptid let loose in their territory, but it’s wandered into our area. I need you to take care of it.”

Short shot of a cell phone ringing, then a close shot of Eric’s face as he hears a voice on the phone “I need to tell you something about your mother, Eric. It’s important that you meet me in Seattle right away.” A ground-level view of the back of Eric’s car as it peels out in the gravel parking lot, driving off

Voiceover from Rick as we see a strangely dressed Native American man wearing a blend of far east and cowboy apparel enter the Visitor’s Center “His name is Salmon Thunder. He’s an odd one, but he’s useful around the park. We just can’t let him know we’re werewolves.”

Voiceover from Jason as we see a wide shot of Jason running away from others in the pack in wolf form “I’ll catch up with you guys later, I’ll go ahead and do the waking up for Floating Sleep!” A quick shot of Jason being horribly maimed while in the spirit world

A short close shot of Evy’s face as we hear the news reporting, followed by a view of the television from over her shoulder “And now the latest on a long series of child kidnappings in the area, as yet another victim is claimed…”

Cue title scene with awesome rock song intro: Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Our latest Hijinks

Seeing Brian loaded into a box truck, the partially separated wolves (some in the Hisil, some crossing the physical river) struggles to re-group and join the chase. A sprint to the lawn locus is made by Jason, Eric, and Sorrel, going through the locus as wolves right in front of the Creepy Medicine Man That Probably Smells Funny, while Nymeria and Evy manage to borrow a truck from the power plant. The chase winds up being futile, despite Adzuki offering some assistance.

We reconvene at the Visitor’s Center, with Rick demanding some answers for all the chores we haven’t actually done. Sorrel and Eric try really hard to throw an absent Jason under the bus, only to have him show up and offer Rick an explanation that wasn’t totally lying but kind of was. The meeting is cut short by a phone call with a hysterical Luna who has seen something terrible.

Arriving on the scene with Luna, we discover Braxton severely wounded by a fight with…something terrible. It is soon discovered to be the very cryptid the group was tasked to track down. Sorrel works medical-herbalist wonders with Braxton, and the group helps him down the mountain to the waiting EMTs, and then goes looking for vengeance…

The cryptid is found wallowing in the fetid swampy area nearby, influencing a great deal of snakes in the area and once found, puts up a terrible fight. Most of the pack is severely injured, but Jason manages to tear into the cryptid finally killing it.

And so the werewolves find themselves needing some rest and recovery to lick our wounds…

A few notes on what has been happening lately...
Because the GM's assistant sucks
Saturday, Waning Crescent

Julian, Evy’s young werewolf mentee, brutally murders her friend Stephan after seeing her in kuruth.

Tuesday, New Moon

Eric asks Luna to research Nicholas Carr, Amelia Terry, and the Sea Wolves. She, in turn, requests a way to plug in Laughing Cat, the wifi card.

Wednesday, New Moon

Helicopter tour for Jason and Sorrel.

Friday, New Moon

Player pack attend the Save the Northern Leopard Frogs meeting. Ed is extremely interested in seeing the group at the “cool kids” meeting the next night.

Saturday, New Moon

Stephan’s funeral.
Player Pack attend the Save the Northern Leopard frogs “cool kids” meeting. The group has been gradually preparing themselves to take on the spirits of the frogs and become Ridden during the occult ritual.
Player Pack fight them off, including Carol, their badass leader. They then set the warehouse on fire.

Somewolf strangely segregated
While other things happen

While Evy is off doing angry werewolf things, the pack scrapes Thaddeus off the ground and returns to the lodge with him, presenting his mangled form to Rick. While Thaddeus is chewed up pretty well, he’ll live. Thaddeus is transported to Rick’s (thankfully hardwood) dining room floor to recover.

Eventually the beans are spilled: Thaddeus was doing some silly rite and screwing it up by the numbers, trying to turn Laughing-Cat into a fetish to impress Luna. It turns out Laughing-Cat apparently needs rescued somehow. The pack takes off to do that, and encounters some strangely familiar spirits that seem to mimic something really familiar…that they can’t quite figure out. After some horrifying eye-touching by parasites, the spirits are driven back, and Laughing-Cat is found. A quick rite (done correctly this time) and Laughing-Cat is now a fetish present for Luna (but not that kind of fetish present).

Things do not go particularly well for Thaddeus, who instead of getting Luna’s attention, now has to go hang out with goddamn Moss Moss Moon Moon.

A few days later, after some good research by the group, Sorrel and Jason take off on a magic carpet ride helicopter ride to survey some sickly trees. The trees in the real world seem okay, however, but something really not-good is happening in the spirit world side, although the details remain a bit foggy.


“Just…reverse fuck, if you will”
“Wolf the fuck up”

Leopard Frogs, Mount Terror, and a date night with Sasquatch
Another Wolf-venture

B&E, very different from B&B

The whole gang piles into a truck and heads off to do some breaking and entering at a very unfortunate grad student’s house. Using a variety of infiltration techniques, the group finds…that there is nothing to be found. The mysterious, shady individual seems to be completely innocuous in regards to blowing up the dam. The group takes his computer (and apparently his only research notes) just to be sure. Meanwhile, Eric has a talk with Louis about a troubled ghost wolf.

The following day, Luna does some googling and hacking on a certain computer with a certain set of notes.

The group is tasked with yet again getting the North Park Pack out of some hot water, needing to go talk to Mount Terror (who is being fantastically whiny about not being talked to by an outside pack). A short trip thru the Hisil and a brief conversation later, and the group manages to entirely offend the mountain, ensuring whatever task lay at hand to be much more difficult. Jason sends Terence off to investigate the real world area around Mount Terror for some manner of poaching, gem thieves, or other tomfoolery. He reports back the next day with some strange findings – creepy predator markings and odd animal behavior. The same day, Luna finds a missing person and cracks a computer.

The group heads out for some lively Friday fun with a social group dedicated to saving Leopard Frogs. The group seems mostly harmless, short of some odd conspiracies, but it is decided to track some members just to be sure. To prevent the pack from feeling bad for stealing a grad students research notes, his computer is returned to him (although his back door is left a bit awry).

The weekend is fairly quiet – some contacts happen and some conversations happen but things get all crazy when Eric and Sorrel decide to trot into Indigo’s pack territory totally unannounced. Indigo is angry, Rick is disappointed-angry, and after the dust settles, surprisingly nobody is dead but Eric and Sorrel are totally banned from the North Park Pack territory.

Monday goes as poorly as any Monday goes, with Eric and Sorrel getting their pee-pees spanked by Rick. Evy manages to play an awesome defense lawyer/teacher, following it up by smoothing some things over with Indigo afterwards. Jason puts up some game cameras to figure out what’s happening around Mount Terror.

Tuesday gets really crazy, with hikers getting caught in strange bear traps and trap spirits running amok around the Wolf Den. A short jaunt thru the Hisil takes care of them, but on the way Jason is lured away by what appears to be Bigfoot. The pack is then instructed by Rick that this is a BFD and that Jason needs rescued. The pack encounters more trap spirits, but some applied tooth and claw manages to fix that problem. It is discovered that Bigfoot is apparently the spirit of Tourism, the head spirit in the area.

Over beers later that night, the pack talks about the problems that have been going on lately, and what possible steps may be needed to ensure the sanctity and safety of the park as a whole. With Indigo’s pack having so many problems, maybe some drastic steps need to be taken. After all, every wolf knows what happens when another wolf can’t take care of their territory…

Wolves, Waterguns, and Sedro-Woolley
The second wolf-venture

Field Trip to Glacier (complete with crafts)

After a hasty retreat, the pack regroups and finds that Jason has discovered the bane for the angry-dragon-fire-spirit. Heading off to retrieve some glacier water, there is much running and driving and travelling together with some procrastination in order to have more time to regenerate. Once at the glacier, we retrieve some water, calmly ignoring the odd dark shadow deep within the ice, and head back to the locus to reach back to the Hisil. On the way we have a fun crafts day making water guns. Crossing over, we track down the fire spirit and using our newly crafted tools, put out his fire. We return to our headquarters to lick our wounds, triumphant.

The Next Week.

On Tuesday, Sorrel, Nymeria, and Evy head to Sedro-Woolley to visit Evy’s friend and do some research on nirnroot. Jen manages to find a possible job opportunity at a record store for her friend, but a trip to the library (complete with microfiche) is pretty fruitless for Sorrel. Jason and Eric visit several local loci, checking in on the territory and regaining some essence.

On Wednesday, Jason and Nymeria put up some surveillance cameras to catch a suspicious man doing suspicious things (like maybe bombing the dam). There might have been some tailing of a car in a Winnebago, because that is 100% not suspicious. Eric gets a hold of Luna and asks her to do some internet research and investigation for him regarding his mother. Sorrel and Evy get ahold of Indigo and try to negotiate a way for Evy’s friend to maybe make friendly with the North Park Pack.

On Thursday, Jason and Nymeria get a good lead on the suspicious man doing suspicious things, and with Luna’s help start to track him down. Evy calls in a favor from a long-time contact who looks up some license plates to help Nymeria. Sorrel approaches Indigo about some plant health issues in the north part of the park and is mostly told that it’s no big deal, although she did seem awfully jittery when asked.

On Saturday, the pack goes and hunts down some spirit bunnies. Very different from snow bunnies.

The next Monday, Eric finds the name of his maternal great uncle, thanks to Luna. Nymeria and Jason get a list of potential names and addresses to visit from Luna as well. Sorrel gets a call from Justin, North Park’s botanist wolf-blooded, a call that mirrors an earlier one, nervously insisting that the issues with the trees in the NW Park area is nothing that needs attention from a werewolf.

MVP for the week: Luna.


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