Only a two hour drive from the Park, Seattle is the nearest large urban center, and boasts an equally large contingent of non-humans, all vying for position both with others of their own type and with those who are not.


Far from being the shining paragon of Vampiric society it was just 15 years ago, the landscape of Seattle’s vampire population today is bleak and alarming. The Prince (Andrew Fitzwallace) is simply insane and after a particularly brutal few days of murder several years ago, where he had dozens killed to silence his opposition, and the current mood of the city is one of paranoia and mistrust.


Five packs call Seattle home: three packs of Pure dominate the landscape, while the two remaining Forsaken packs cling to their territory tenaciously in the face of the onslaught of the Pure. One of the Forsaken packs, the Sea Wolves, does so by living literally on the myriad of waterways in the city in a house boat. The other (Who’s Left) fights tooth and claw for every inch of territory they possess.


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