Spirit Hierarchy

Spirits generally organize themselves by “type”—nature spirits and man-made spirits, spirits of emotions and those of ideas. These are, of course, broken down even further—tree spirits, flower spirits, joyful spirits, etc.

Spirits are also divided by their strength. Small, weak, new spirits (Muthra) are often dormant or sleeping and are treated with as much care as a human treats a piece of fruit. As spirits become stronger, they begin to awaken and hunt Essence . Stronger spirits (Ensihim) become involved with local politics, and may operate as informants for Uratha. Most Totems come from this rank of spirit, and the majority of spirits in the Hisil are from this rank. Still higher are the Dihim, who dominate the local spirit politics and are paid a steady stream of essence in tribute. The Ilusahim are the highest rank of spirits, equivalent to gods of a sort, and are virtually never encountered. Mother Luna and her brother Helios are Ilusahim.


Where a great tree in nature may have a mirroring tree-shaped spirit, many spirits that come from human ingenuity appear anthropomorphic. Surveillance cameras, for example, often appear as a single large glass lens with spindly legs that act as informants for other spirits. Other spirits take their shape from the shapes of their real-world counterparts—so an owl spirit appears extremely similar to an owl.


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