Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Evy's 20 Days Off

Emotional exploration and fallout

Bold= prompt
No formatting= player response
Italics= GM response if warranted

Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

Evy’s fellow ranger, Jordan Lewis, previously invited Julian and Evy to his home for dinner in an attempt to reach out and befriend her and the illegitimate child he thinks she’d been hiding. To satisfy his curiosity and ultimately to get him the fuck off her back and out of pack business, Evy accepts the invitation and convinces Julian to pose, not as her child, but as a foster child. Greeted by an enthusiastic welcome, Evy thought she heard Julian growl when Jordan ushered them inside with a gangly, well-meaning embrace. Their slightly-burned hamburger helper feast was cut short when the ranger asked about Julian’s birth mother. “She’s dead!” the previously silent teen snapped, and stomped out of the ranger’s home. Jordan apologized repeatedly, as Evy quietly excused herself and followed Julian out to the car. In the weeks following the dinner, Jordan has been far less inquisitive, and gives her sympathetic glances when Evy abandons her park duties unexpectedly and without reason.

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

[Evy, in an attempt to repair relations with Luna (and frankly, to push blame on Indigo), visits her at the hospital.]

Evy gently knocked on the door to Braxton’s hospital room. She knew she would find Luna there, by his bedside, as she had been since he was admitted. The injuries caused by the cryptid were severe, and while his life was out of immediate danger, his recovery would be a slow and painful process.

From the door, she could see Luna in her usual position, sitting in the cheap vinyl hospital chair by beside the bed. Her laptop was open, fingers tapping over the keyboard in a lackluster dance, while Braxton wheezed in time to the machines that were monitoring his vitals.

Luna glanced up as Evy entered, mouth tightening. “He’s sleeping.”

Evy unfolded a metal chair leaning in the corner and placed it next to her packmate.

“I wanted to come by,” Evy murmured, “see if there was anything I could do…anything you needed.”

“I think you’ve done enough,” Luna snapped.

Evy flinched. She knew they had failed the pack. And if seeing Braxton’s motionless body being fed by machines wasn’t enough, the look in Luna’s eyes was a cold reminder that packs could be broken. This wound had to be healed, she thought, at any cost. She couldn’t afford to lose her pack, not again.

“We failed him,” Evy admitted, taking the brunt of Luna’s glare. “We failed you. We failed the pack.” Tears welled in her eyes, and she willed them to stay put. She reached for Luna’s hand, and although she could feel the woman tense, she didn’t pull her hand away.

Our pack has been stretched thin for too long, cleaning up after the North Pack, handling rogue wolves, and now hunters…” Evy leaned in, a fierceness shining behind the tears. “We can’t let something like this happen again”, she whispered, squeezing Luna’s hand. “We won’t.”

Evy stood. “Something has to change, Luna.”

Luna reached for her father’s hand; something in her eyes shifting. Evy couldn’t take away her anger, but perhaps she could redirect it. Evy grabbed her jacket and left the room, leaving Luna with her thoughts and her father. She might have been mistaken, but for the briefest of moments, she felt Luna squeeze her hand back.

You find out that aside from his First Change, Stephan was Julian’s first kuruth victim. You’ve got a lead on a pack in Oregon who would happily welcome a [insert Julian’s auspice] but you’re not sure you can bolster his self-esteem to accept the offer. What do you do?

Evy met with Julian to discuss the pack’s offer. She told Julian what she knows of the Oregon pack, and offered to accompany him if he wished to see for himself. Evy assured him that he was welcome to stay where he is, and that he is not being asked to leave. She also shared her own experiences of finding a new pack, and reminded him that this could be a fresh start. Julian was thoughtful but quiet during the conversation and assured her that he would think about it and let her know within a week.

Many spicy meals later, you’ve discovered that Kavi is a jovial man who is well liked by the community and makes a mean panang curry. You’ve also gotten the sense that he has a secret, although it is not one he is very happy about. Since you’re a regular now, if a new one, he’s stopped to chat with you a few times. How do you broach the topic of the missing kids?

Evy, prepared to dig further into what she knows about Kavi, visited the restaurant with an empty stomach and an armful of files. After ordering her usual, she mused quietly over the papers she knew by heart. As Kavi approached, he eyed the reports and flyers of the missing children.

“Bringing work to dinner?” he asked cautiously, eyes lingering over the flyer of the newest victim. Evy tidied the scattered files into a folder.

“Not exactly.” She pulled a worn flyer out of a stack. The smiling girl on the front seemed to mock her. It had been months since her disappearance and Evy felt no closer to finding her. She must be the most incompetent wolf ever, she thought.
How hard should it be to track a child?

“This is my niece,” she explained. The older man’s eyes softened. “I felt so helpless when it happened, and the police,” she shook her head, “do nothing, know nothing. I can’t sit and wait anymore; watch while our children are picked off, one by one. I will do whatever I can. I will do what the police cannot, or will not.”

Kavi stood silently, and looked as if he wished to say something, but didn’t. Evy thanked him for the food, and left to pay her bill. As she crossed the parking lot, she heard the jingle of bells from the restaurant door. “Wait,” Kavi called. “There is something you must know.”

Kavi’s eyes darted around the parking lot. “Now is not the time or place. Can you return Monday late morning? The restaurant will be closed and we can speak openly.”



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