Where the Wild Wolves Wander

Sorrel's 20 Days Off

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No formatting= player response
Italics= GM response if warranted

Describe your activities with another packmate or with one of your “friends” (potential kuruth victims). Luna and Braxton are unavailable for this.

Nymeria and I hunted down, in Urhan form, a young lamb and harvested its bones. We cleaned them and stored them in the back of the freezer at the visitor’s center (employee’s only fridge of course). We also tracked down two henne’s eggs from a farmer in Canada (as humans, we paid for them… we aren’t savages after all).

I also tried to get the pack together for the practice of our new band, Wolf Attack (working title), but so far we haven’t had much time to actually get our band going.

Braxton’s injuries are healing, although it may be months before he is out of a wheelchair and he may never walk unassisted again. Luna knows you were supposed to take care of the cryptid that did this to her father and (perhaps not entirely irrationally) blames you. How do you feel about this? How do you react to her anger, fear, and emotional rejection? Do you apologize? Leave her alone to get over it in her own time? Try to make it up to her somehow?

I avoid her like the plague. I don’t handle guilt well and every time i see her the guilt overwhelms me. I totally understand why she is mad but I can’t figure out how to even confront her with an apology. I feel helpless about the situation. Time heals all, right? RIGHT?!

Another Bone Shadow from the Dawn Crows reached out to you when your friend Samuel Rutherford did some digging for you. The other werewolf asked you to fly out to Vermont and teach him a rite in exchange for information. Did you go? If you did, how did the visit go?

I did visit him in Vermont and helped teach him the rite! His name was Joseph Sandago and he was very hospitable. It turns out that his parents knew my parents. We talked about spending time at the gardens growing up. I just about lived there but he visited frequently. Still, we don’t remember each other from those days but there were a lot of people around the gardens then. I helped Joe with the Shadowbind rite. He had the spirit of a power plant that was having an issue and kept forcing power surges in the nearby town of Middlebury. We bound the spirit and found out that it was sad due to another power plant (hydro) nearby who was his friend being deconstructed to let the river run. We took him to the area where his friend dwelt and showed him all of the new nature spirits now in the area due to nature returning to the area.

Joseph invited an older wolfblooded packmate, Phillip, over for drinks one of the last nights of your stay, and had you recount all of your memories from the night your parents died. Phillip lingered over the details of the other wolf, pausing your story and asking you to describe the night, the moon, and the wolf in exquisite detail. When you were done both of them stayed silent for a long moment.

“Your parents suffered a terrible death, but be thankful they died,” Phillip said quietly, and finished his beer with a single long pull. "About a decade ago we had a huge problem in that part of the woods with a bloodsucker. Heterochromic. You’d think that would make him easy to find, but he was sneaky. See, he was a sucker but he was also a Gangrel and hid in the woods as a wolf. No werewolf nose would be fooled, but it made him that much harder to find. He thrived on hikers and campers for more than a year.

“We tracked him down eventually, though he got Anne before we had him cornered. It took 6 wolves and 2 of us wolfblooded with blessed rounds, oak-loaded crossbows, and a flamethrower to take him down, but we got him. Staked, flamed, and ashes buried at the crossroads—we had a real paranoid Ithaeur at the time.” Phillip paused for a long moment and stared out the window. You took your cue from Joseph who just sat and patiently waited for Phillip to return from wherever his thoughts had wandered.

“If you got away from him that night of your change you can count your lucky stars. Maybe something watched out for you, Father Wolf knows I’ve seen stranger things in my time. Maybe you’re just that fierce in Gauru,” he grinned at you before sobering. “One way or another the Dawn Crows avenged your parents and all that sucker’s other victims.”

One day after accidentally leaving your notes at Madame Nifar’s library you return to find them somewhat disordered as though she has read through them. After this she becomes far more solicitous as to how your research is coming along, and offers to help you out. How do you handle this situation? Do you accept her help or do you refuse? What do you do to try and figure out why she is so interested suddenly?

I accept her help graciously. She is a night witch after-all and thus has most likely been alive long enough to gather a lot of knowledge on everything occult. I also told her that I collected the bones and eggs that I believe we may need for the ritual and ask her for some advice on what to do next. She plans to get back to me.

Madame Nifar’s helpfulness with your gillyweed “distraction” as she termed it seems cursory,and you noticed that she kept returning to the subject of your nirnroot research.



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