Social Maneuvering

Social maneuvering is a mechanism by which the player gets information or an otherwise desired result from someone else.

In order to accomplish the desired outcome the player must first declare the intended goal.

The GM will then calculate the number of doors that the player must open in order to obtain that goal. This will typically be about 2 or 3 doors, but that number may be larger depending on the difficulty of the goal or reluctance of the individual being influenced. It is up to the GM’s discretion whether the player is presented at the start with information about all the doors, or if they will be revealed sequentially.

There are a few directions it can go from here. The player may be limited to making an appropriate roll once per (increment of time) while attempting to schmooze the target. They may be given side quests to fetch items, deliver messages, etc., the successful completion of which results in an opened door.

The player can also choose to force a door by intimidation, threats, or other manipulation. Roll once, with each success opening a door. There will be a penalty at least equal to the remaining number of doors. Keep in mind that the target will likely be extremely wary of the player in the future, if not openly hostile.

Social Maneuvering

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