The Stalker
They are the patient predators, the assassins, spies, and thieves. They changed under the new moon. They move through the shadows, striking quickly and quietly. An irraka surveys everything around them for weaknesses, and on the hunt they stalk until they have the most advantage, striking swiftly and efficiently. Testing everything around them sometimes puts them in compromising situations when something breaks.



The Spiritmaster
They are spiritualists, ritualists, fetish crafters, seers and advisors. They changed under the crescent moon. They deal with the denizens of the Hisil with an instinctive mastery. An ithaeur has an natural knack for talking and dealing with spirits, and on the hunt they capitalize on the use of unseen allies and spiritual magic. Of all wolves, they tend to act more like spirit and less like flesh, alienating others.



The Walker Between
They are diplomats, mediators, negotiators, and community builders. They changed under the half moon. Where others fight with stealth and weaponry, they wield influence. An elodoth looks at both sides of the argument and makes an unbiased judgment, and on the hunt they bring the prey out into the open for all to see. Their tendency away from bias can breed a lack of trust from others.



The Visionary
They are lorekeepers, bards, dreamers, and motivators. They changed under the gibbous moon. They hunt with howls and tradition, with songs and with passion. A Cahalith knows the songs and tales of glory, and on the hunt they make sure the prey knows both who is hunting it and how futile their struggle is. Their efforts to turn their lives into a glorious story sometimes makes the story into a tragedy.



The Warrior
They are warriors, tacticians, and defenders. They changed under the full moon. They hunt with claws and fangs, and with brilliant plans and glorious zeal. A Rahu sees everything as a competition they will not loose, and on the hunt they are the full fury, tooth, and claw of a werewolf pack. They tend to want a stand-up fight, and are the first to find conflict where there need not be any.


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