Ghost wolves in the Park

The North Park Pack, with the blessing of the Ross Lake and South Park Pack, created a welcoming haven for several ghost wolves or lone wolves within the Park. These wolves are often from unstable backgrounds, suffering from spectres of their own past, and the Park provides a respite from humanity that many of these wolves crave, while still providing an outlet for human interaction if they so desire. Typically there are no more than 4-5 ghost or lone wolves at any one time in the Park.


The territory of these wolves exists between the Ross Lake pack territory and the North Pack territory (toward the western borders of the park). The ghost wolves, therefore, are buffered from both external packs and the influx of tourists to Ross Lake.

Laws and Structure

Wolves moving into the North Cascades National Park agree to abide not only by the Oath of the Moon but also by the laws set forth by both the North Pack and the Ross Lake Pack, and enforced by both packs—however, the North Pack accepts responsibility for the majority of that burden. Rules include (but are not limited to):

1. Don’t terrorize, disturb, or eat tourists.
2. Don’t terrorize, disturb, or attempt to eat greater spirits.
3. Accept the ultimate authority of the North Pack and Ross Lake Pack.

Ghost wolves in the Park

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