Hisil (Shadow)


The Hisil (or Shadow) is a shadowy world of twilight that mirrors the world of humans, yet differs significantly. The air feels constantly like the minutes before a thunderstorm, and the sky is perpetually full of clouds. Shadows shift and twist unnaturally, and Uratha visitors find that sensory input is just one step shy of overload. Scent and sound carry farther than in the world of humans, and spirits that the Uratha devour often taste/feel/sound like the flavor of essence they offer up.

During the day, the Hisil slows down. Few spirits are active, and shafts of sunlight cause an effect similar to an increase in gravity—where the sunlight touches spirits feel weighted down. The Gauntlet actively pushes back on any werewolf trying to enter, as though there is an active current flowing from the Hisil to the real world.

Nighttime is the best time to hunt in the Shadow for the children of Luna, and is the most active time for the Hisil. At night in the Shadow, Lunes can be summoned to blazon Renown into the Uratha’s fur, other spirits can be bargained with, and performing esoteric rites seems a natural fit.

Human Impact on the Shadow

Where humans congregate in the real world and change nature to suit their needs, the mirroring Shadow changes just as quickly. Powerful spirits who once ruled the local population of spirits may find that they are cut off from their sources of essence, and while some may gradually weaken and fade, others may find alternative Essence flavors to feed on, becoming hybridized and unhinged the more types of essence they consume.

Places in the Shadow

Strong emotion and huge, rapid changes can greatly alter the sorts of spirits that exist in certain areas. Sometimes the resonance between the worlds leads to powerful sites, either positive or negative.


In these areas, the connection between the resonance of the material world and the Hisil is damaged, leaving spirits in the shoal listless and withdrawn. Senses are dampened, and anyone traveling through risks falling prey to lethargy and never leaving.


These are idyllic spaces in both the real and Shadow worlds that suppress violent tendencies. They’re known as peaceful, wonderful spaces that packs covet.


If a shoal is not properly cared for it can become damaged enough that the Hisil ruptures, filling the area with the worst of negative and destructive spirits. Wounds open in places where horrifying tragedies and long-term torment happened.


When the Hisil loses touch with the real world due to a thickened Gauntlet or other major disaster, a Barren forms. These areas are devoid of essence and spirits, much as a forest immediately after a fire is razed. Some Barrens heal, but it is an incredibly slow process.

Hisil (Shadow)

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