This story is true.

Long ago before the Sundering, Father Wolf maintained the balance between the flesh and spirit worlds by hunting spirits when they crossed the borders of flesh and hunting humans when they grew too numerous and produced too much Essence for the world.

Mother Luna and Father Wolf’s union, and the werewolf children they created, added a new dynamic to the balance. Father Wolf no longer needed to hunt alone, and indeed his children followed him and helped him in the Hunt.

Although a spirit, Father Wolf eventually grew old and began to weaken. His children watched him grow slow and clumsy, and watched as the worlds of spirit and flesh began combining in horrifying ways: spirits set themselves up as deities for humans, and the progenitors of the Hosts shattered themselves into shards of spirits, too numerous now for Father Wolf to catch and kill.

Five of Father Wolf’s children, agreeing that strong young predators must eventually replace a weak pack elder, Hunted Father Wolf, and upon his death, Father Wolf howled. This death howl raised a Gauntlet between the worlds, making crossing from one to the other difficult.

Mother Luna saw what her children had done and cursed them in her anger: they would now cause madness—lunacy— and burn at the touch of silver. The descendants of these children call themselves the Forsaken and have taken on the mantle of Father Wolf’s responsibility to guard the boundaries between the worlds.

But not all of Mother Luna and Father Wolf’s children hunted Father Wolf. Those that did not call themselves the Pure and suffer neither from lunacy or the burn of silver. Some will happily and gleefully hunt Forsaken, as if by destroying the wolves they can erase the sins of the forefathers.


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