Other Monsters in the World

Werewolves aren’t the only thing that goes bump in the night. Sometimes, something else bumps back.


Ever read the Brothers Grimm? That just scratches the surface. Regardless of whether the True Fae control an area outright or Changelings (morphed humans) do, these alien-minded creatures access certain areas of our world from their otherworldly home.


Few humans truly know what they share the world with, but Hunters do. Recruited by a nebulous corporation and given tools that might actually hurt something supernatural, these Hunters often operate solo, but occasionally band together to protect humanity.


Long ago Atlanteans discovered the secrets of the universe. Their descendants, Mages, have forgotten those secrets but seek to regain them. They wield esoteric powers and believe reality is only a matter of perception.


The unkillable Arisen from a pre-dynastic Egyptian civilization are a formidable foe, although typically they lie asleep while their cults handle the year-to-year operations on their behalf. They are focused on obtaining vessels of power to return to their Gods in the afterlife.


Vampires distinctly prefer urban over rural life. Immortality lasts a long time, and the thing Vampires prefer to do to pass the time is to play complex socio-political games with others of their own kind and humans.

Other Monsters in the World

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