Ross Lake Pack

The Ross Lake werewolf pack monitors the area of the NRA and has adopted the geographical borders as set out by the National Park Service as their own pack boundaries. Being in the middle, between the northern and southern reaches of the North Cascades, the Ross Lake pack has taken it upon themselves to govern and monitor the werewolf packs that claim both the northern and southern territories via a sometimes uneasy alliance. The Ross Lake pack’s involvement is less authoritarian and more as a respected arbiter and solid backup for any problems going on in the larger North Cascades Park Complex.

Pack Overview

The pack is comprised of eight Uratha, three Wolf-Blooded, and three humans, and is a large, yet healthy pack. Given the size of the territory they roam (and the fact that often the Wolf-Blooded and humans are “loaned” out to other packs to help with specific duties), the pack isn’t often all in a single location at once, but when centrally located or when all focused on a single target they are a force to be reckoned with.

The pack honors their totem, Adzuki the many-tailed fox spirit, by priding themselves on acts of cunning and by participating in Adzuki’s ban. Once per week the pack must hunt a wild and non-domesticated rabbit spirit together, and the wolves must each consume one essence point from it.

Ross Lake Pack

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