Senses and Tracking

Players have human senses in Hishu/Dalu and wolf senses in Urhan /Urshal.

Wolf Senses

Players can activate wolf senses in Hishu/Dalu with no roll as a reflexive action.
Smell: Wits + Primal Urge to detect another werewolf/wolf-blooded.
Hearing: 1 mile per dot of Primal Urge
Vision: Half penalties for darkness, ignore penalties for rapid movements.
Blood: Once tasted, werewolf can sense blood’s direction for 1 lunar month; one victim at a time.
Hisil: Instant action to focus and sense across gauntlet. Default senses only. Werewolves can always sense spirits in Twilight.

Uncontested Tracking: Roll: Wits+(Streetwise or Survival) – prey’s Streetwise or Survival; Instant action.
Dramatic Failure: Gain Lost Tracker condition.
Exceptional success: half time to track or gain Invisible Predator condition.

Contested Tracking: Hunter must gather spoor equal to prey’s Resolve+(Streetwise or Survival). Start with spoor equal to Wits. Roll: Wits+(Streetwise or Survival) vs prey’s Resolve+(Streetwise or Survival).
Dramatic Failure: hunter – gains Lost Tracker condition; prey – gains Easy Prey condition.
Successs: hunter – +1 spoor; prey – -1 spoor. If spoor is reduced to 0, trail is lost.
Exceptional Success: +/- 2 instead of 1 spoor; gain Invisible Predator/Untracable condition if spoor is 0 or threshold.

Senses and Tracking

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