Social Contract

This page is intended to lay out the ground rules that everyone who pulls up to the table agrees to abide by.

Prime Directive of Gaming

This game is meant to be fun. No one person’s fun trumps the fun of anyone else at the table.

Rule 0

The GM’s word is law. if there is a disagreement on rules interpretation, the GM has final say at the moment and it can be further reviewed after the encounter. Hannah’s intention is to rule in favor of the players at the table, and seek clarification on the rule after the game, at which point she will make it clear to everyone what the rule actually is.

Flaws of Humanity

Characters are generally assumed to be more Good Guys than Bad, though they are also flawed individuals making the best decisions for themselves, their pack, and the world in a setting filled with grim, horrifying elements. Sometimes those decisions are a forced choice between the lesser of two evils. Sometimes there will be no one right way. And sometimes there may be harsh consequences of a past decision made with the best of intentions.

A Pack of Individuals

The Pack provides a great support network, and much of the work that the party does for the Pack will be together. However, WoD is set up to support individual players acting independently from the group, and should be considered and utilized as a viable option. However, please bear in mind these two guidelines:

1. When together, player wolves should generally agree on actions taken by the party as a whole.
2. When apart, players should generally avoid basing their decisions off what others at the table recommend, and instead focus on what their wolf character would be most likely to do.

GM as Narrator

A campaign is a group storytelling activity. The GM’s role is to facilitate this story. Despite throwing difficult encounters and plot curveballs at players while cackling, the GM is not an adversary and hergoal is not to cause a TPK.

Homebrew and House Rules

Hannah doesn’t Homebrew much, but will House Rule this system heavily on the fly, depending on the mood and theme of the story being told and the relative importance of certain mechanical elements to that central mood and theme. She will try as hard as she can to give you adequate warning, or tell you up front what will and will not be important, but can’t promise this will work every time. Any House Rules that are confusing or that are important for all players will be posted to this wiki.

Social Contract

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