The Horrors of Werewolf

Broadly speaking, there are two main aspects of horror to playing Werewolf: The Forsaken: the beast within and being overwhelmed.

The Beast Within

Werewolves perform a delicate balancing act between their human and spirit halves every moment of their lives. Overbalancing just slightly and the werewolf may blackout in rage, coming to with bloodspattered walls and the body of a friend, relative, or random passerby at their feet. Werewolves have several triggers—and not Tumblr SJW triggers, but real, visceral, 0-60 fury-fests—some dependent on their Harmony, and some that are far more personal.

For this reason, one of the major fears explored by Werewolf is the fear of letting the monster within loose and not being able to control it.

Being Overwhelmed

Everything is a likely or potential enemy to werewolves. As arbiters of the spirit world, they may anger spirits who do not like their presumptuous position. As not-quite-humans, they may run afoul of human law, or of superstitious humans. As a part of a pack, they may have other werewolf enemies. As Forsaken, they battle the Pure. As werewolves, they struggle with themselves internally. They fight the Hosts, Vampires, the Idigam, and other supernatural or spiritual enemies. And these enemies do not take their turn—they are constantly testing the pack, constantly looking for weaknesses. Werewolves, then, must be ceaselessly on guard, ceaselessly fighting back against incursions into their territory and ever-mindful of who sees them doing what.

The second major horror of Werewolf is that of fighting a never-ending, multi-front war with no relief, and no one to trust but your packmates.

The Horrors of Werewolf

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