Blood Talons

Offer No Surrender You Would Not Accept
Blood Talons exist for the kill. They revel in the violent end of the hunt. Violent and sometimes blood-thirsty, they pay homage toe Fenris-Ur, the Destroyer Wolf, most powerful of Father Wolf’s children. Blood Talons hunt the most dangerous prey: other werewolves. Seeing every aspect of life as a battle, they strive to have a strategy to defeat anything that might oppose them.
“When you’ve got a big-ass hammer, why look for anything but a nail?”

Bone Shadows

Pay Each Spirit In Kind.
Bone Shadows take to heart Father Wolf’s duty to shepherd the Hisil. Their hunt is one of another world. Keepers of secret wisdom and spirit magic, they pay homage to Kamduis-Ur, the Death Wolf, most curious of Father Wolf’s children. Bone Shadows hunt the most dangerous prey: the spirits. Seeing the magical, spiritual, and supernatural in every part of their lives, they seek to wield it.
“Old Man, Tall Man, Dead Man, False Man.”

Hunters in Darkness

Let No Sacred Place In Your Territory Be Violated.
Hunters in Darkness watch the edges of territory. To them, territory is as sacred as the darkness in which they wrap themselves. Clever and savage, they pay homage to Hikaon-Ur, the Black Wolf, the most withdrawn of Father Wolf’s children. Hunters in Darkness hunt the most dangerous prey: the Hosts, creatures of blasphemy incarnate. They live the hunt; if they aren’t pursuing something, they’re looking for the next quarry.
“I’ll give you a five-minute head start. Not to make it fair, just to make it fun.”

Iron Masters

Honor Your Territory In All Things.
Iron masters are like water. They flow. They adapt. They deal with the context of a given situation, and versatility is their greatest weapon. Flexible and innovative, they pay homage to Sagrim-Ur, the Red Wolf, youngest and wildest of Father Wolf’s children. Iron Masters hunt the most dangerous prey: humans. They are relentlessly inquisitive, fascinated by new information and how to use it.
“Don’t make me give you the ‘urban jungle’ spiel.”

Storm Lords

Allow No One to Witness or to Tend Your Weakness.
Storm Lords endure. Their strength is in pushing on when all others would give in and roll over. Unstoppable and relentless, they pay homage to Skolis-Ur, the Winter Wolf, oldest of Father Wolf’s children. Storm Lords hunt the most dangerous prey: the Ridden and Spirit-Claimed. They always seek to better themselves and their pack, and their fortitude, patience, and self-reliance are their best tools.
“When the winds howl and the storms rage, where will you run?”


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